Mountains and Valleys

I was taught that my spiritual life looked like a series of mountains and valleys. I would reach the top of the mountain and have a Dali Lama revelation. I’d barrel back down the mountain on wings of spiritual renewal, and then I’d use that residual energy to trudge my way through the valley in search of the next Spiritual Mountain. 

This analogy taught me that the only times I would have meaningful moments with Jesus would be when I was on top of the mountain. Valley-time was to be endured. I was meant to conquer the mountain with blood and sweat so I could earn my moment at the peak. 

Thankfully Jesus is helping me get over that stupid idea. 

But why is it stupid? Why should we not live for those precious raw moments with Jesus? 

By putting too much value on them we end up seeing our lives in reverse order. The Lord provides you with daily bread.


That means every day, in case you didn’t know.

In fact, I’m gonna say it again. 


We tend to view those big moments as the great big fabulous weekends in our humdrum lives. In reality it’s the stuff that happens on the weekdays that makes up the majority of your life. So why the hell would Jesus reserve his presence with you for the weekend? He cares about the entirety of your life, not just the major events. 

While I’ve had only a few Big Moments with Jesus, the little moments are too many to count. He’s sustained me with food day to day. He’s given me a refreshing point of view when I’m ready to scream in frustration. Or he offers me a moment of peace when work makes me want to maim someone. The roses in bloom around the city, the perfectly timed music in my headphones, laughing with my friends until my face hurts, that’s what actually sustains me. Those are his gifts to me, and they’re just as valuable as the Big Moments. 

My life with Jesus is not a series of mountains and valleys. It’s a life, full of work, friends, and the occasional great surprise. I don’t want to ignore my life just because I think I need to look for a big ass mountain. Jesus is right here with me, and he’s never leaving me. Not now, not ever.